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Results Driven. Customized Strategies. Standard of Excellence.
Retirement Fiduciary Group works with Employers and Individual Investors to identify the best possible options to meet or exceed their goals. Our advisors diligently follow a proven process that involves gaining in-depth knowledge of each client’s unique situation, partnering with the client to create a solid plan and then continuously monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed to account for changes in client goals, approaching target dates, and changes in relevant tax, estate and social security laws.


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans:
We Take Out The Complexity
Retirement Fiduciary Group strives to create successful retirement plan outcomes for Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants.

We help all businesses from startups to large corporations to navigate the complex landscape of setting up and maintaining an effective Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan. Employees save for their future and Employers retain a solid workforce.


Individual Wealth Management:
Navigating your financial path
Retirement Fiduciary Group provides financial education, guidance, and tools to help at every stage of life.

Our goal-oriented approach considers each individual’s unique needs and challenges. From building and preserving wealth to providing for loved ones, we have the tools and the expertise to chart your financial journey.


The Experience you Want on your Team
When you work with Retirement Fiduciary Group, you gain access to a team with extensive experience working with both individuals and businesses. In addition to their credentials, our advisor team has consistently been recognized for accomplishments.

Led by Noel Dulac, the Retirement Fiduciary Group team also includes partners: Jim Savarino, Eric Lesage and Joe Murphy.


At Retirement Fiduciary Group, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to be proactive and knowledgeable in the financial industry. We are committed to staying up-to-date on relevant tax laws, estate and social security laws in order to provide the best financial advice for your particular situation.

Employer Services:
Outsourced CRO™ Outsourced Chief Retirement Officer-

We offer employers a comprehensive approach to to setting up and monitoring an Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan. What sets us apart is our unique competencies both in plan design and execution as well as our proven track record of Participant engagement and success.


As your experienced partner, we help you establish an investment strategy that fits the distinct needs of your organization and your employees, and then monitor the selection and deselection of funds to meet the ongoing goals of your Participants.

Retirement Fiduciary Group will help you understand the nature of your Fiduciary Responsibilities, as well as the associated requirements. We help you meet your fiduciary obligations and ensure that your Participants benefit from a qualified retirement plan.

We take the time to understand your plan objectives, and strive to design a best in class retirement program that provides your employees with the greatest opportunity for positive outcomes.

The most crucial metric to any Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan is employee participation. Our team’s unique set of competencies gives added value to Employers by encouraging Employee engagement through education and individual planning. We will work with you to provide a customized education suite for your employees to help deliver essential plan information and provide solutions that can lead to successful retirement outcomes.


For Individuals:
The Trusted Advisor
Regardless of your stage of life and types of concerns, our advisors can help you find the appropriate solutions to issues like funding for education or retirement, tax planning, protecting your assets and your family, and organizing your estate.

Through a deep understanding of your individual situation, we are able to craft a wealth management strategy that meets your needs both today and in the future, and then serve as a steward for your investments. Our Advisors follow a disciplined investment process to provide you with transparency, allows for proactive service and strengthens the trust and accountability you need to meet your financial objectives.

There are a multitude of special financial issues that business owners must contend with. We can help with end point planning including succession planning and buying or selling a business. We also offer a range of operational services including Key Person Insurance and Executive Compensation Plans.

It is not simply enough to create and implement a successful financial strategy. We also believe that it is crucial to ensure that wealth is preserved in the case of unforeseen situations. We are able to advise our clients on a wide range of insurance products and estate planning services so that wealth can be available when needed, and also remains as a legacy for future generations.

Financial planning for college expenses can be an overwhelming task, but the reward of saving for your child’s future is well worth the challenge! The advisors at Retirement Fiduciary Group will guide you on a sound path that will ensure that your student has the money they need when they need it. Our College Financial Planning Services offer several personalized options including 529 plans.